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on the price Thanks to WordPress support for this one. WooCommerce is fast becoming the most popular e -commerce software on the web. Enhances the built-in sale badge by displaying the total saving amount a customer will receive. To hide the sidebar with code you can pop this into your. Center your logo Thanks to Tech Web 101 for this one. Just add this little line of code to your s file: Add videos to your products for customers to watch Thanks to Sebs Studio for this one. Here are 5 free (yes, we said free!) WooCommerce -enabled themes to host your store on! WooCommerce Sales MIS Report Data collection made easy with Putler with refunds, subscription management and more thrown in too! The Smart Manager for e -Commerce WooCommerce and WPeC extension plugin allows you to efficiently manage your e -commerce site with a familiar, single page, spreadsheet like interface.

Paypal sandbox provides you with a test paypal account that you can use to order and check payments are going through. Make managing orders more reliable by adding a confirm email address field to checkout page Thanks to Hugh Lashbroke for this handy little plugin. If you trade internationally it is common to need to disable PayPal for non-locals or enable a specific gateway for a specific country only. .

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Coupon code, code used by the customer to apply the coupon.
Must be unique as its used as an identifier.

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It may be useful on order emails to include the payment type as some WooCommerce store admins would perhaps want to know this data in emails for decisions on whether to ship items immediately or to hold off for a while for money to clear. Customise the number of rows and the number of products in each row with this little snippet. Thanks to, zac Gordon for this tip. Get rid of the RSS link in the primary navigation with this short bit of code : #navigation s display:none!important #navigation rt-enabled display:none!important Customise the search results by post type Thank you to the brilliant WooThemes Ninjas for this tutorial and plugin. If the user is logged in the link will display My account and take them directly to their account: Create new fields on the registration page which will then automatically link with the billing address Thank you Flemming Bækdal for this useful tutorial.