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big fat liars trying to steal money out of people's pockets. I am requesting a full refund for the purchase and I would like you to email me back with your complaints department email address and phone number please. Groupon loudly shouting, we have your money so on your bike. I had to get in another line to use the other for my daughter.

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If a voucher was sent to me and I didn't use it before the 6 month dead line I could accept that it was down to me and lose out. Please band this restaurant from your site and don't let another customer be con. I was up sick all night long, too! If you keep this up - there will be more stories like this that surface and if you don't change your tactics people will catch. I went with my young Daughter. One of the best things when you run a, groupon campaign is how your offer can encourage people to try your business for the first time. 2, log into the Groupon site. Question How do I return my Groupon order that l don't need? It did say a Prix Fixe-but how in the heck were we to know what that meant.

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