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Vault, 9000,140 Metal, and 60 Silk. Look Out Below: Kill three enemies with a single stack of hanging barrels. Edward, requirement: Uplay reward. Jade Kukri code promo printerpix livraison Level: 6 Requirement: Successfully complete Sequence 6: "A Case Of Identity". Ruby Kukri Level: 4 Requirement: Reach Loyalty Level 1 with Henry Green. Thieftaker (Bronze Bring three Bounty targets back alive.

This memory is also a great place to get the "Opium Scourge" trophy. Easy "Look Out Below" trophy A great place to kill three enemies with a single stack of hanging barrels is at the start of Sequence 4: Memory. You Wouldn't Steal a Policeman's Helmet: Hijack twenty police vehicles.

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assassin's creed syndicate promo code

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Chimney Sweep (Bronze Synchronize every Viewpoint in London. Make sure nobody sees how you assassinate someone from inside the haystack, code promo viking direct livraison gratuite as it will blow your cover. Combat Mastery Requirement: Kill 4 enemies in less than 12 seconds 25 times. Fortunately, they are all fairly close together in Buckingham, Westminster. A Life in Letters: Collect all of the Royal Letters.

All Royal Letter locations Search the indicated locations to find all 12 Royal Correspondence Letters and get the "A Life In Letters" trophy. The merchants do not sell maps for this type of collectible. Increases brass knuckles damage. Runic Mayan Cane-Sword Level: 7 Requirement: Successfully complete WWI Time Anomaly: "The Darkest Hour".