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Presented in a way that will hopefully help consumers under this in a really tangible way. A weather app is doing an alarming amount more with your data than providing a forecast. Tweets: @annafifield, @timobrien, @ajenews, @dalzell60, @cbcnews, @emilyrauhala, code promo wel10elot @nbcnightlynews, @kenroth, @business, @joannachiu, @daveleebbc, and @dee_bosa Tweets: Anna Fifield / @annafifield : China tells Canada it will pay a heavy price for the arrest of Huawei CFO/princess Meng Wanzhou, says Canada should stop acting like America's 51st. Kris Constable / @cqwww : You can no longer ask someone on @Facebook for nude images, or if they want to have a good time tonight. When you install some third party app, you don't really know who you're letting in m/. Owen Williams / @ow : This is an insane outcome: Microsoft just laid its entire hand on the table by switching to Chromium. Reporters used tools to see the data secretly moving from a phone to dozens of companies that collect this data to resell. @getify : Many see the Edge/Chromium migration as bad for the web (reducing engine competition). But we got our hands on a tiny slice of this data and found out how revealing it can.

M/JgdmblcTJq Katya / @katyaandme : So @coinbase is basically acknowledging that the only meaningful use case for these new listed coins is speculation. Jon Russell / @jonrussell : Coinbase enters the shitcoin domain m/. Hard to tell, but we may look back on this era as the biggest unforced error in tech since IBM/Microsoft. We will accept inbound transfers of these assets, but traders cannot place orders and no orders will be filled. @ajenews : Huawei's Meng Wanzhou seeks bail on health grounds as China summons US envoy over her arrest m/.

Groupon tours sow fashion
groupon tours sow fashion

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Owen Williams / @ow : Wow. Swaine / @dalzell60 : Can the.S. Kenneth Roth / @kenroth : As business leaders worry that China may make retaliatory arrests because of the US extradition request for Huawei's finance chief, suddenly the cost of ignoring the lack of the rule of law in China becomes more apparent. This is the impetus for my #dataprivacy bill. Wonder if that's what these projects are trying to achieve by getting listed, especially if they are positioned as utility tokens m/. @cryptogat : Very interesting coinbase is adding a lot of coins all the sudden. Clever, but then it's really admitting it's all about speculation, not usage m/. But bigger than that, I think it's going to be a huge win for web (PWAs) over native, and especially against iOS: m/. Sports, Forbes, SportTechie, and PhocusWire Cecilia D'Anastasio / Kotaku : As US Army launches Army Esports, a new gamer recruitment initiative, a look at its long collaboration with the gaming industry using tools like Marine Doom Tweets: @gamingthemind : Despite claiming concerns over video games. Soon to be shitcoin paradise m/. @gik_and_a_half : While there is nothing wrong with portraying the people of the military as people I do have an issue with the army essentially creating an entertainment centered recruitment strategy while also portraying the military as a even remotely video game like m/. Earlier Picks By putting Edge on Chromium and planning to invest in the engine, Microsoft is showing it is committed to the web as a platform for the future of apps More: Naked Security and MSPoweruser Tweets: @jasonlk, @jason_koebler, @scottdavis99, @martinsfp, @getify, @ow, code promo libellule poussette and @ow.

Ambassador over the arrest of a top Huawei official. Laura Agustn / @lauraagustin : 'Facebook's new sexual #solicitation ns erotic art (even non-explicit talking about kink, talking about your boobs or butt, mentioning your preferences in sexual partners, sexualized slang, and vague suggestive statements.