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of Balthazar, Dwayna, Grenth, Lyssa, and Melandru. Trinkets cost 12 commendations and 5 gold per each. These accessories allow you to choose your desired stat combination. In the same maze, there is another spot with 5 baubles (10 each) that give you 50 baubles in total. If your account is new or you did not log in every 2 weeks during that time, you will need to purchase the episodes you are missing in order to obtain certain items for crafting the backpiece. However, you can find a list of them here. However, as these are not stat-selectable, they are not listed. There is a dig spot there with three 10 baubles for a total of 30 baubles. These are unique to other trinkets in that they allow you to select new stats once per day at the cost of a Bloodstone Capacitor. Laurels and Badges of Honor. Rings are available at the cost of 200 Magnetite Shards and 10 gold.

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It has a unique skin, and costs 600 Magnetite Shards and 20 gold. Fractal Relics The Prototype Fractal Capacitor is one of the cheaper ways of getting an ascended backpiece. On that ledge is a corner with an invisible wall. Trinkets include two rings, code cadeau pour yves rocher two accessories, one amulet, and one backpiece. Ascended Accessories For accessories (the two slots above your ring slots you have similar options to the previous. These rings allow you to choose your desired stat combination, and are unique in that they allow you to select new stats once per day at the cost. In that higher canopy is a big vertical trunk that you can pass through with six baubles at the top you can collect. However, Winterberries are easier to obtain than Blood Rubies by a significant margin. The ground after the second checkpoint contains the entrance to the Queen Bee Dog a corner. It costs only 200 Blood Rubies and 5,000 Unbound magic. Orrian Pearls req. Right after you exit the shortcut wurm, dig around the brown square on the ground for 2 baubles worth 10 each (20 baubles).

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